Posted by: iainduncani | February 21, 2010

Birthday Pancakes

Thanks to the lining up of the sun and the moon my birthday fell on Pancake day this year! I felt that I couldn’t let such a momentous occasion go by without doing something so we had a couple of friends round for a pancake extravaganza. It turns out that it isn’t quite as rare as I’d imagined, according to the table here it also happened in 1999 and will happen again in 2021 although I will then have to wait until my 101st birthday for the the one after that so I’m not sure if I’ll have the energy to flip a pancake by then!

Photo of all the ingredients we used

As it was my birthday we thought we wouldn’t just do the traditional lemon and sugar (although that was available of course) but instead do some savoury and sweet options. For the savoury options we had: cheese, sweetcorn, pepper, leeks, red onion, sausage, bacon and chicken tikka pieces. For the sweet pancakes we had: chocolate buttons (milk and white), marshmallows, grapes, blueberries, sultanas, banana, apples, maple syrup, chocolate sauce, ice cream, lemon and sugar.

My birthday (pan)cake with a candle in

It was a really nice way to have a meal with everyone adding their own toppings and we had two frying pans between four of us so there wasn’t too much waiting around. As lots of the ingredients were best melted adding them straight after tossing the pancake was a popular technique. We found the best way to get the contents warm was to just fill one half of the pancake and then fold it over whilst still in the pan. This worked really well for the marshmallows although it did make a very sticky mess! The savoury pancakes were really nice but my favourite has to have been the chocolate buttons, banana and ice cream combination, this is the one I had my birthday candle in!


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