Posted by: iainduncani | May 10, 2010

Premier League Relegation Battle

People always say that a Premier League team needs 40 points to keep safe but this year 30 and a half decent goal difference would of kept a side up and I seemed to recall this has been the way for a while now. Therefore I had a bit of a Google about what the average points to stay up was but couldn’t find a conclusive answer so I had to compile the stats based on the individual season on wikipedia. It turns out that Burnley’s performance this season was pretty awful being 3 points worse that the previous lowest score for the 18th placed team. Here are all of the 17th and 18th placed teams since the Premier League went to 20 teams in 1995, the best and the worst in bold:

17th Place 18th Place
Season Team Points Team Points
1995-1996 Southampton 38 Man City 38
1996-1997 Coventry 41 Sunderland 40
1997-1998 Everton 40 Bolton Wanderers 40
1998-1999 Southampton 41 Charlton 36
1990-2000 Bradford 36 Wimbledon 33
2000-2001 Derby City 42 Man City 34
2001-2002 Sunderland 40 Ipswich Town 36
2002-2003 Bolton Wanderers 44 West Ham Utd 42
2003-2004 Everton 39 Leicester City 33
2004-2005 West Brom 34 Crystal Palace 33
2005-2006 Portsmouth 38 Birmingham City 34
2006-2007 Wigan Athletic 38 Sheffield Utd 38
2007-2008 Fulham City 36 Reading 36
2008-2009 Hull City 35 Newcastle Utd 34
2009-2010 West Ham Utd 35 Burnley 30
Average 38.5 35.8

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