Posted by: iainduncani | September 30, 2010

Generosity in a Cynical World

We recently converted our front garden into a fruit garden ripping up several ugly shrubs and replacing them with strawberries, redcurrants, black currants, white currants and blueberries. Working out the front all day meant that we got to meet a lot of people who live on our street. Almost everyone we spoke to was very sceptical about our new bushes claiming that we would be unlikely to see the fruits of our labour (excuse the pun) as passers by would inevitably steal all of the fruit off the new plants.

Admittedly we won’t have any fruit until next year but I am fairly optimistic that we won’t have people turning up in the front garden with an empty ice cream tub to take their fill of fruit. Maybe some overhanging fruit might disappear but I’m confident that any pilfering will be made up for the reduced bird numbers as the extra noise of traffic, pedestrians and cats seems to keep them away.

So far we have found the complete opposite as the conversations that were started over the fence lead to our neighbours generously offering up various produce of their own: cherry tomatoes, plums, runner beans and 3 lovely fuchsias. Perhaps the neighbourhood cynics would tell me that this generosity is just because they are after a punnet of fruit next year!



  1. I think your fruit is safe, but mostly for the cynical reason that your average thieving scrote won’t make the mental leap to eating things off plants. If it doesn’t come in a MaccyD’s bag it’s not food.

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